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The Dark Below Preview Teases Bungie’s Plans for the Future of Destiny

on Tue, Nov 25, 2014 | By Ben Brown

Bungie is beginning to open up more and more about what we can expect from Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, with the release of a new preview video showcasing a number of elements we can expect to find when the expansion launches early next month. The video shows a few examples of the new weapons and gear we can expect to collect, as well as glimpses at the...

Destiny Expansion 1: The Dark Below Prologue Video Released

on Tue, Nov 25, 2014 | By Gaf Hussain

Activision and Bungie have released a brand new video for The Dark Below, the first major expansion pack for Destiny. The synopsis for the video follows, and you can watch it below. Beneath the surface of the Moon, a long-forgotten enemy wakes. Invade the Hellmouth. Stop a dark army from invading Earth.Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will be available Tuesday Dec 9th,...

GTA V (PS4) Review

on Mon, Nov 24, 2014 | By Gaf Hussain

One year on from its PS3 release, Rockstar has launched the eagerly anticipated PS4 version of its highly acclaimed Grand Theft Auto 5. It astounded fans and critics alike, with praise for its characters and story. GTA 5 was almost a perfect game, so what could they possibly improve? For the first time in a GTA game you control three completely separate characters; Michael,...

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth2: Sisters Generation Release Date Announced

on Mon, Nov 24, 2014 | By Shak

Idea Factory has announced that the PlayStation-exclusive Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation will be available for the PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system on January 27th in North America in both physical and digital formats! It be available for download in Europe on January 28th, and in stores on January 30th. We’re also happy to say that...

Far Cry 4 Review

on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 | By Gaf Hussain

Far Cry 3 astounded us with an amazing open world and an antagonist who genuinely invoked terror. Ubisoft seemingly hit the perfect formula for an open world game and introduced great mechanics such as hunting, and the wing-suit to the franchise. So Far Cry 4 has a lot to live up to, but can it define this generation of consoles as well as it did with the last iteration? Far...

Tales of Hearts R Now Available for the PlayStation Vita

on Thu, Nov 13, 2014 | By Gaf Hussain

Bandai Namco has launched Tales of Hearts R for Europe, Middle-East and Australasia, exclusively for the PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system featuring PlayStation TV compatibility. Tales of Hearts R is next title in the long running TALES OF RPG series and brings a classic tale of discovery and adventure to Western audiences with beautifully animated cut scenes...

Assassin’s Creed Unity Review

on Thu, Nov 13, 2014 | By Shak

Assassin’s Creed has now become a staple when it comes to what we can expect during the holiday season, similar to the Call of Duty franchise. However, as with the Call of Duty franchise, a certain amount of fatigue has begun to set in when Assassin’s Creed is mentioned. Last year’s Assassin’s Creed Black Flag was surprisingly refreshing when compared to the fairly...

Ubisoft Releases Far Cry 4 ‘101 Trailer’

on Wed, Nov 12, 2014 | By Shak

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Far Cry 4, watch the trailer below now. The trailer description is as follows; From majestic peaks to the sprawling lowlands, get the low down on Kyrat & Far Cry 4 with this 101 trailer presented by Rabi Ray Rana from Radio Free Kyrat!Far Cry 4 will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox...

Assassin’s Creed Unity And Assassin’s Creed Rogue Hit Shelves This Week

on Wed, Nov 12, 2014 | By Ben Brown

Ubisoft announced the launch of two Assassin’s Creed games for all players: Assassin’s Creed Unity, the latest installment of the award-winning franchise set against the backdrop of the chaos and brutality of the French Revolution, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and  PC; and Assassin’s Creed Rogue, available for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Both games will be available...

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Review

on Mon, Nov 10, 2014 | By Gaf Hussain

After last year’s disappointing edition of Konami’s football series; the developers of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 decided to completely overhaul the entire game and move to a new game engine. We have seen the FOX engine in action on two games now, Metal Gear Ground Zeroes and P.T. and suffice to say we were stunned with the visuals on both games. So when we heard...

Insider: Assassin’s Creed: Unity to Fill 50GB Bluray

on Sat, Nov 8, 2014 | By Gaf Hussain

A Ubisoft insider claims that the new Assassin’s Creed: Unity will fill every megabyte of data on a 50GB Bluray disc on the PS4. But what is filling the entire disc? On an episode of the Giant Bombcast (10/14/2014) at the 2 hour and 27 minute mark an insider writes in to talk about the game. Mentioning both the issues they had with the resolution and the frame rate...

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

on Sat, Nov 8, 2014 | By Ben Brown

The Call of Duty franchise has long been considered the king of multiplayer shooters, but for me its last few iterations have struggled to gain my attention. The first Modern Warfare still holds a place amongst my favourite games, but the sequel was a crushing disappointment and I’ve been consistently lacking in enthusiasm for every release since. Advanced Warfare is...

Assassin’s Creed Rogue – Question The Creed Digital Experience Revealed

on Fri, Nov 7, 2014 | By Shak

From Florence to New York, Boston to Constantinople, players have joined forces with the Assassins and written an incredible story together.  But there are always two sides to every story. In a new Assassin’s Creed Rogue digital experience, now live at, players can relive the most impactful assassinations from famous Assassins Altaïr, Ezio,...

Ubisoft Details The Crew Season Pass & Kicks Off Closed Beta

on Fri, Nov 7, 2014 | By Ben Brown

Ubisoft has revealed Season Pass and live content details for the action-driving MMO, The Crew. The first of four themed Car Packs, new missions, new stickers and tuning kits, will start rolling out to players from January 2015 with new PvP modes to follow shortly after. Season Pass holders will have access to two exclusive cars at launch on December 2 and will receive early...

GT Academy 2014 to Air on ITV4 in UK

on Thu, Nov 6, 2014 | By Shak

GT Academy 2014 unfolds on ITV4 from 8pm on Wednesday November 12 in a must-watch five-episode TV series. A revolutionary concept from Nissan and PlayStation, GT Academy is a virtual-to-reality competition that tests the skills of elite Gran Turismo video gamers on the real life-track in the bid to uncover Europe’s highest car racing potential. The UK were amongst 12...