200 Million+ is the Total Cost of All Cars in Gran Turismo 7

Posted on Mar 27 2022 - 11:57am by Gaf Hussain

We spent some time calculating the amount of in game currency it would take to buy all the new cars in Gran Turismo 7 and then what that would translate to in real money.

There are over 330 cars available to purchase in Gran Turismo 7 and the game wants you to buy them all. The whole game revolves around conditioning you to become a collector and to own all the cars. Which if you play it long enough you may be just able to earn them all. But how much would it be in total?

The exact number sits at Cr202,245,095! Yes, over 200 million credits. Obviously the game doesn’t expect you get them overnight and wants you to keep playing as long as possible keeping the title exciting for years to come.

Note, this number doesn’t take into account the ‘Legend’ cars and then the auto tuning either!

But what if you “paid to win”? How much would it theoretically cost if you were to top up you GT7 wallet to buy them all? Well we did that too!

All in, it would cost you £1616 or $2021, which would definitely make this one of the most expensive games out there!

Of course this is optional, and again, you are supposed to be playing this game for years to come. But it is simply for those who are time poor and cash rich to delve this deep into the game.