Astrobot is Basically Robot Sackboy Right?…Turns Out Not

Posted on Dec 1 2020 - 12:15pm by Gaf Hussain

I always thought the design of Astrobot was a bit lazy and a simple re-skin of the PS3’s mascot Sackboy. At a glance the features and proportions seem exactly the same, but see what happens when you overlay the characters on top of each other.

I had some spare time to satisfy an odd curiosity and thought i’d share it with everyone to see if you ever felt the same way. I used the following image to do the comparison:

The scaling of Sackboy was a little off, so I used the head as scaling reference, this is because the head shapes are nearly identical.

The side by side

You can see I took the additional step of reposing Sackboy to match Astrobot.

The overlay

As you can see, the similarities pretty much end with the head shape! Astrobot has a rounder head, but otherwise nearly identical, but the body and limbs are all a different scale.

The outline

I think I’ll have to give the design way more credit than I originally did, there are way more differences than similarities. Hands, body and legs are all completely unique.

Are there any characters you’ve ever mistaken to be identical rip-offs of others?