Blood & Truth Review | Bloody Brilliant!

Posted on Jun 22 2019 - 8:33pm by Gaf Hussain

The highlight of the PSVR Worlds games disc was the London Heist demo. When Sony announced that they were going to develop it into a fully-fledged game we were very excited and could not wait to see what new and innovative things they would do to make it as intense and replayable as the original demo. Renamed to Blood and Truth, the title has a lot to live up to.

From the theme song alone you now you are playing something that feels like it has a substantial budget. Almost like a Mission Impossible or Ocean 11 type introduction and the similarities don’t end there. The visuals are solid and feel great in VR, I was particularly impressed with how much detail there is in the players hands as well as every weapon you interact with. The characters are all scanned in, so they look great with some solid performances throughout.

You play as Ryan Marks, a former Special Forces soldier. Each stage of the game is set up through an interrogation scene at the beginning of each stage whereby you relive the epic moments of gunfights or escaping from collapsing buildings. All thrilling in their own right. Ryan’s family were targeted by a London mob boss and him and his family take it upon themselves to pay him back by breaking into his ‘investments’ and dispatching his men.

The pacing of these levels is great; however, I did find myself wishing I could skip through the lengthy dialog where you can’t really do anything but stare at the speaking character until they are done. It allows you a break from the action, but it is a little too long for my liking. I also would have preferred more quieter stages with solely solving puzzles, lock picking or climbing. Stealth is an option, but it is all too easy to alert the guards. Thankfully the game has been designed well enough to let you tackle them in a fair manner. You will never get snuck up on by a soldier and all the action happens in front of you.

For them most part you are behind cover and shooting at a host of enemies, and this actually feels fantastic. I played with the Move controllers and would highly recommend it, but the option for a DualShock is also available. The feeling of steadying a gun with your left hand or placing it into the holster never gets old. It works really well, as well as the reload function whereby you simply place one hand near your chest, pull the trigger and then shove the magazine into you gun is so intuitive. The game isn’t an ‘on-rails shooter’ as you might expect, but it does have sections like this, and frankly they are my favourites parts. The car chases (bar the really tricky one near the end) and the scenes where you character is making a run for the exit are great because they make you feel invincible. Every gun blast throws your foes to the ground and you walk out unscathed. This may be the only time I could ever feel like John Wick.

The difficulty spikes do put a bit of a downer on this, and if you aren’t a trophy hunter, I’d recommend playing it on easy. You won’t have to suffer through the slow death animations and reloading, and sometimes the checkpointing leaves a lot to be desired.

Blood and Truth is a great action-packed game that lasts roughly 6 hours. It is easily the best VR game I have played; the story is good albeit simple, it is presented well and acted out beautifully. I had fun with it more than 90% of the time and my only real negative are the long monologues. If you have a PSVR, you need to play this game.

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