Ghost of Tsushima Shrine Rebuilt Thanks to 27.1 Million Yen Crowdfunding

Posted on Jan 11 2021 - 7:59pm by Shak

Crowd funding on began back on the 27th of November 2020, to raise 5 million Yen in order to resurrect a damaged shrine on the island of Tsushima back in 2010.

The Otorii gate collapsed due to Typhoon No. 10 in September 2020.

In response to the end of the support project of The Wata Tomi Shrine the creator of the project said:

I am very grateful that so many people have supported us in the face of the coronavirus disaster, forced to live in cramped conditions, and the economic situation is severe. Thank you very much

He also mentioned that a large portion of the support came from Ghost of Tsushima fans who wanted to contribute. They were a substantial portion of the 2014 members who pledged the crowd funding campaign.

The total budget for the reconstruction of the Otorii by around March 2021, with the goal of completion around August of the same year. Around $260,000 was collected for the reconstruction.