Godfall Drops Price from £70 to £60 1-Week After Poor Reviews

Posted on Nov 24 2020 - 2:38pm by Ben Brown

The highest priced next gen game was Godfall that pushed the UK price limits to the top end of £69.99 for the base game. We wrote a story a few months ago regarding the pricing and how much it translates to when converting to dollars (over $91).

Not the first price drop either

The price drop came only 4 days after the PS5 release (EU release date 19th November), we suspect due to the poor reviews and the incredibly high price. Typically PS5 games in the UK are £49.99.

The price dropped from £69.99 to £69.08

We mentioned that it was a dangerous decision to push the price to the upper limit of what is already too high in the UK. Seems like gamers were not comfortable with the price and perhaps a lesson for other developers when pricing their games.

The metacritic for these games appears to be very important. If it isn’t in the 80’s or higher, you can’t charge these ridiculous prices.

You can also tell that a developer isn’t very confident in their game if they don’t provide many early review copies to large and small gaming sites, we can confirm Gearbox did not give us a copy to review.