Godfall PS5 is the First Regular £69.99 Priced Game on Amazon UK

Posted on Sep 26 2020 - 3:24pm by Ben Brown

Across the pond the classic $60 price-point finally moved to $70, but here in the UK and across the world, the conversion rate has never favoured us. Some countries paying around $100 when converting back to US Dollars.

However it seems like the only game to push the UK price drastically higher is Godfall. Every other PS5 title is sitting at a respectable and modest £51.99. But Godfall sits at a whopping £69.99

To put this into perspective, below are the current conversion rates:

  • £51.99 GBP = $64.92 USD = €55.48 EUR
  • £69.99 GBP = $87.40 USD = €74.69 EUR

At the upper price point Godfall is $17.40 higher than the RRP in the US. This high price may cause many to skip purchasing it if the reviews are not stellar.

The pricing of namely the UbiSoft titles are clearly lower than what you would expect. So it seems the developer is choosing what price they feel is the best for their product.

Perhaps next gen only titles will be highly priced in order to recuperate the costs involved in releasing on a new smaller install base and the cross generation games are able to spread the cost?

The price could also be a simple placeholder by the company, and eventually change when it is closer to release. We do not know.