Godfall Weapon ‘Eclipse’ Forged Out of Damascus Steel in Real Life

Posted on Nov 9 2020 - 9:12pm by Shak

It seems Gearbox, the developers of Godfall are very proud of their hero sword ‘Eclipse’. So they asked the Man at Arms team to recreate it. Even they were impressed by the design and commented on how the designer(s) clearly knew a thing or two about forging.

The original 3D render for the sword

Using the 3D model the team at Baltimore Knife and Sword were able to recreate the sword in immense detail have a look at the close ups, they accuracy is shocking.

Stunning, simply stunning

We are unsure how long it took them to make it, but I wonder if the 3D model took just as long? Watch the entire episode below if you are interested.

Godfall releases on November 12th at the launch of the PS5 in North America and the 19th for those in Europe.