Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Requires a Whopping 110 GB of Storage Space

Posted on Jan 23 2022 - 8:57am by Gaf Hussain

The challenges of 4K gaming come with the baggage of larger games. These have only really been made worse due to solid state drives that are unfortunately still quite expensive. It looks like GT7 is the next contender of games that reach triple figures in the gigabyte struggles.

Boasting over 420 cars in “unparalleled” detail and all the game modes you are used to. The Gran Turismo series always pushed the boundaries of disc space back in the day. Famously Gran Turismo 2 came on 2 CD’s on the PS1. Splitting both Arcade and Simulation modes onto their own respective discs.

PS1 discs were limited to 700MB each, so when the PS2 was released with 4.7GB it would be more than enough to hold the data for the next GT games right? Well, not exactly!

After GT3 the developer started to max out the space once again and the dual layer DVD was the saviour. GT4 was pushing the 7GB mark.

The PS3 brought Bluray discs which again increased the space tenfold. GT6 racked in at around 22GB after patches.

On March 4th 2022 GT7 is making it’s debut and has grown once again! This time to a minimum requirement of 110GB and this is without and patches or DLC. So make sure you have some space for it, and perhaps it could be time for the SSD upgrade.

Check the product page below for more info on GT7 and be wary that all PS5 games install to the SSD regardless of them being the disc versions or not. PS5’s come with 825GB of usable space so this game will take up just over 13% of the whole allowance.

Buy Gran Turismo 7 – Launch Edition – PS5 Game (

To check how much free storage space you have in PS5 console storage, go to Settings > Storage.

Keep an eye out for the review in March, I have played almost every entry on the original consoles and hope this lives up to the hype and enjoyment of some of the previous entries.