Jeff Gerstmann on the DualSense Controller “it’s awesome”

Posted on Oct 28 2020 - 10:15pm by Ben Brown

Jeff Gerstmann is one of the longest running games journalists out there with around 28 years in the industry. So it is fair to say he might know a thing or two about controllers and in the latest edition of the Giant Bombcast he made his views on the DualSense controller public.

Jeff stated the controller was “awesome” and the fidelity of the rumble as well as the specificity of the rumble was something he had hoped from Nintendo when they introduced HD rumble in the Switch.

Jeff wasn’t the only one impressed by the controller, his long term colleague Brad Shoemaker who has also had a substantial career in the industry of 20 years mentioned that he didn’t expect the controller to blow me away.

Skip to 5:40 to hear the chat about the controller.

The controller seems to be living up to the hype and exceeding it. We can’t wait to get it into our hands on the 19th of November!