Jeff Gerstmann: Xbox Controller Feels Cheap in Comparison to DualSense

Posted on Dec 7 2020 - 3:12pm by Ben Brown

In the most recent episode of the Giant Bombcast (663: Cooksies to Keepsies) veteran games journalist Jeff Gerstmann commented on the Xbox controller whilst giving his feedback on the game Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Having received the Xbox version of the game to review, Jeff was left wondering about what it would feel like playing the game on PS5. namely the rumble.

I would not have expected to feel this way…but playing it on Xbox…controller doesn’t rumble very well

Jeff Gerstmann – Giant Bombcast 663: Cooksies to Keepsies (31:35)

Feels kinda cheap by comparison…I found myself wondering, I wonder if they would do THIS on PS5?

Jeff Gerstmann – Giant Bombcast 663: Cooksies to Keepsies

Jeff goes on to mention that he found it weird that the controller is such a huge distinguisher for him and never expected it to be so. A few seconds along in the conversation Jeff even commented:

The standard rumble just feels a little better on that [PS5] controller

I have to agree with his comments, you have to feel this controller to truly appreciate what it can bring to a game. Anyone else let down on Microsoft’s lack on innovation on their controller?