Katamari Damacy REROLL Review

Posted on Nov 23 2020 - 11:09am by Gaf Hussain

The Katamari Damacy premise has been unchanged ever since it began in 2004. Maintaining the classic adage “if is ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. REROLL is a remaster of the Switch version of the game, but only for last generation consoles.

Story is vague but gets you going and adds a small additional layer to what you are doing, regardless how silly it is. but again, this is part and parcel of the series. The King of All Cosmos has accidentally destroyed all the stars in the sky and it is up to you, the Prince to roll up items on Earth in order to regenerate them.

You start off small and as is hallmark in the series, you must grow as large as possible until the timer runs out. There is a story which plays out in animated cutscenes of a random family, but this plays no real part in what you do. Just a arbitrary insertion to this equally bizarre game.

As simple as it sounds the mechanics have a very addictive feel and draw you in. You will likely play the entire single player campaign in one sitting. Which will last around 3 hours. There are 9 regular stages where you recreate stars. There are also constellation levels that are more specific that ask you to recreate zodiac symbols. for example collect loads of crabs for Cancer and fish for Pisces etc.

There are also side goals which require you to collect some Royal Presents too that can add a few more hours of gameplay, but this game is still solid to this day. Ultimately all you want to do is grow as big as possible and the human body has this odd urge to pick up everything in this odd ball.

Quirkiness is what this game is all about, from the boxy visuals and the vibrant characters as well as the sound. The music features some amazing Japanese pop music, some amazing and some annoying. But they all fit in perfectly and add to the urgency of the goal.

What this game has left me wondering is what is next? Will Katamari Damacy ever go hyper realistic with the new generation of consoles and the additional horsepower. They have done the same thing for years and it is starting to wear a little thin. If they don’t, surely someone else will? Perhaps focus on a different country other than Japan? Either way, this game is fun and will remain fun until you get your fix.

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