Linus from Linus Tech Tips Apologises Over PS5 SSD & Tim Sweeney Mocking

Posted on Jun 5 2020 - 10:25pm by Ben Brown

Linus Sebastian is a well respected YouTuber and his tech knowledge is up there with the best. But his recent comments regarding the PS5’s superfast SSD’s and Tim Sweeney’s backing of them caused some outrage amongst the Linus Tech Tips community.

Tim Sweeney was quoted to say the following on the Unreal 5 press briefing:

The storage architecture on the PS5 is FAR AHEAD OF ANYTHING you can buy on anything on PC for any amount of money RIGHT NOW

Tim Sweeney – 2020 Unreal 5 press briefing

Linus reacted to the video and comment above and said:

Why does someone like Tim Sweeney…how many billions of dollars is he worth? Why does he have to say stuff that is DEMONSTRABLY FALSE?

Linus Sebastian – The WAN Show Podcast

Why do you need to sell out to Sony to say stuff that’s just not true at all

Linus Sebastian – The WAN Show Podcast

After all of the outcry, Linus released a video where he held his hands up and apologised for his misinterpretation and poor choice of sarcasm that was taken as a serious comment. Watch his video below:

Huge respect to Linus for apologising and saying sorry for his mistake. Do you accept it or should he do more?