Multiple Reports of PS5 Digital Owners Getting the Disc Version of the Console

Posted on Nov 15 2020 - 5:08pm by Gaf Hussain

Originally we all thought these were odd cases, but it almost seems as though this may be intentional. There are a few we know about, but there will likely be more.

It seems like the production goals of the digital edition weren’t able to match all the pre-order numbers so did Sony decide to bite the bullet and eat the costs instead of cancelling the order?

All of the images below are from different people:

The black box looks so much cooler though

So far, all the owners of these ‘incorrect’ orders have been over the moon with the error, almost bemused by it all. If you have ordered the digital edition, you may get more than what you paid for!

Do you think it is a genuine mistake? Or is this likely something done on purpose?