Naughty Dog Post 34 New Job Roles, Uncharted 5 or New Game Incoming?

Posted on Jan 17 2021 - 2:02pm by Gaf Hussain

Neil Druckmann recently tweeted a list of a whole slew of new job ads on his twitter. These are mostly full time roles with a few temporary positions. What could they be working on?

The roles consist of mostly art and programming positions. Could this be due to a New IP for PS5? See the roles below:

Visiting Naughty Dog‘s website you can find even more listed.

You would imagine the multiplayer facet of TLOU2 has come to a point of completion, so it is unlikely that this is to feed into that project. Perhaps Uncharted 5 or something completely new entirely?

We would love something new from Naughty Dog, they always blow us away with every single game they have made. I can’t imagine them getting darker than The Last of Us, so maybe the go the complete opposite direction? Back to the roots of Jak & Daxter?

What do you think?