Pachter: “If Sony was really smart, they’d buy Warner Bros Interactive”

Posted on Apr 30 2022 - 4:11pm by Ben Brown

Michael Pachter, everyone’s favourite gaming analyst runs through all the rumoured game company acquisitions that Sony should purchase and deems that Warner Bros Interactive makes the most sense as long as it includes one major thing.

In his SIFTD show “Pachtor Factor” Michael Pachter mentions all the big developers like Valve, EA, UbiSoft or even Take Two, but he believes they aren’t the right fit for Sony and in turn lands on Warner Bros Interactive.

Quoting that if “Sony was really smart, they’d buy Warner Bros Interactive” L:isting out all the recent development studios under the WB header include RockSteady, NetherRealm and several others.

But, the one major thing that makes this deal make the most sense are the licenses they have in DC Comics titles, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Without the control of these licenses, the deal would not be worthwhile for the industry giant.

The logic is completely sound and makes sense, watch the full episode below: