PC 8TB SSD 3x Faster Than PS5’s SSD But it’ll Cost You

Posted on Jul 11 2020 - 12:44pm by Gaf Hussain

Say hello to the AORUS Gen4 AIC 8 Terabyte SSD. It isn’t an SSD as you would expect, in fact it is four 2TB SSD’s mounted on a motherboard which is cooled by its own fan and it runs through the ultra fast PCI-Express 4 16x connection.

Boasting speeds of 15,000MB’s of transfer rate a second (real world hovers around 13GB~ a second), it towers over the PS5’s 5GB a second by a factor of almost 3!

The problem is, it costs around $2,000! But that is not all, you will also need a beefy PC to unlock its true potential. Add roughly another $3,000 to the cost of the SSD and you will have something that can blow the PS5 out of the water.

But is it really worth spending around 10x the price for less than 3x the performance? It doesn’t add up, but someone will likely give it a go, and Linus from Linus Tech Tips was the man to do it, have a look at his build video:

It may be another 10 years before most people will be even thinking about drives like this, so even though it seems ridiculous now, the prices will come now and it will likely be the norm in the future.