PS1-PS4 Announced Price at E3 When Will Sony Reveal PS5’s Price?

Posted on Jul 3 2020 - 8:24pm by Ben Brown

Looking back at the history of the Sony PlayStation consoles I did some investigation on when Sony typically announced the price of their consoles. You’d be surprised how consistent they’ve been over the years.

ConsolePricePrice Date AnnouncedWhere?Release Date
PlayStation 1$299May 11th 1995E3December 3rd 1994
PlayStation 2$299May 13th 2000E3October 26th 2000
PlayStation 3$499-$599May 8th 2006E3November 11th 2006
PlayStation 4$399June 11th 2013E3November 15th 2013
PlayStation 5????????????

As you can see, Sony is already well overdue with the announcement of both the price and the release date of the PS5. History shows that they have always announced the PlayStation price at E3. However, in 2020 was already mentioning that they would be skipping E3 and then a pandemic hit the world followed by Black Lives Matter protests which changed everything.

PS5 was announced on Thursday, June 11th after it was a delayed a week. But no price was mentioned. Announcing the price as early as possible allows gamers time to save up or set aside money for this big purchase. The longer Sony takes to let people know, the more difficult it will be for some to invest from the get go. Sony also needs retailers and distributors to take orders as early as possible to make sure the supply chain is fed correctly.

Rumours are suggesting that July 13th may be the day that Sony picks to announce the release date as well as the price. It sounds right, but who knows for sure.

All I know is that i’ll be pre-ordering as soon as it is feasible to do so.