PS5’s Selling for £200+ Over RRP on eBay

Posted on Nov 8 2020 - 9:32am by Gaf Hussain

Whenever a console sells out as quickly as the PS5 did, you always see a subsection of the population trying to sell their pre-orders to those who are willing to pay almost any amount to get their hands on a console.

Times are hard out there, so no judgment on those trying to make a quick buck. Doing some research on eBay we logged 30 “Sold” PS5’s for each edition and averaged out the overall price.

The Recommended Retail Price or RRP for each of the console editions in the UK are £349.99 for the Digital Only Edition and £449.99 for the Disc Edition.

After averaging 30 Digital Editions sold on eBay the price comes at a whopping £564.68! That is £214.69 over the RRP

Averaging 30 Disc Editions sold on eBay, the prices comes at an impressive £661.19! That is a £211.20 difference. Oddly enough the biggest profits are coming from the digital edition.

What it also makes you wonder is what Sony actually could have charged for the console. Seems like people are willing to pay PS3 money for these consoles!

Table of sample sales below for those who are curious