Resident Evil Maiden Demo was Good But I Wish it was 3rd Person

Posted on Jan 23 2021 - 10:28pm by Gaf Hussain

Just like the ‘Kitchen’ demo for Resident Evil 7, the ‘Maiden’ demo for Resident Evil Village is a visual showcase for the eventual release of the full game. It shows what the game will look and play like. It’s good, but I can’t help but want it to be third person.

The game is clearly carrying on from the Ethan Winters story, but I would argue it isn’t necessary to keep it in first person. The original title was created to really switch up the stale Resident Evil franchise, and it worked. The main draw being the VR support from start to finish.

Taking major inspiration from the now defunct PT, the first person view point allowed the developers to create some truly terrifying scenarios, particularly in VR, so much so, I was unable to finish due to the levels of stress and anxiety it created in me. Maybe that is the real reason I want a third person title!

Sales soared for the franchise and it finally got people talking about Resident Evil again, after the lack-lustre attempts of RE5 and 6.

But then the remakes happened…

The Resident Evil 2 remake reminded us how good this franchise could be. Even removing the fixed camera angle the developers succeeded in making something old feel new and dare I say, better than the original. It has sold well over 7 million units and inspired the remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Again, a fantastic remake and I preferred it over the original, the modern controls and the stunning visuals paired with faster paced gameplay made this game ideal for speed runners. Currently the title has sold well over 3 million units, however this count is from roughly August last year. I have to admit, I think Resident Evil 2 remake was more successful overall, but both are great and really make me hope for RE4 to be added to the remake list.

So, why third person? Ultimately it is to connect you with the character and their journey. First person is ideal to connect you with the world and experience the game and the antagonists from your own perspective, however as a named protagonist, Ethan Winters never seemed to gel or stick out compared to the likes of Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield or Jill Valentine.

The remakes have shown gamers that Capcom is capable of making something special as well as Capcom themselves, and maybe the knowledge gained from remaking the originals has taught them a thing or two. Perhaps this is why Resident Evil Village isn’t technically one of the numbered sequels? Could it be possible that 8 is the one that ties them altogether and is a third person Resi with all the bells and whistles from the remakes?

Although it is unlikely for the game to change from a first person only mode, but I really hope Capcom adds a third person option too. Ultimately, they have a creative vision, so we can only hope that a third person option was always in the pipeline.