Sony’s PS5 Reveal Event Needs to Have a Segment Like This

Posted on May 9 2020 - 4:20pm by Gaf Hussain

The negative outcry from gamers regarding the Xbox Series X’s third party reveal event was loud and clear. So much so, that even Microsoft themselves admitted to this. Mostly due to their failure in promising gameplay for the next gen titles.

Another criticism we all had was that the games didn’t look to take the leap we saw from the last generation. They looks, at best like “up-rezzed” versions of existing titles.

Does this spell doom for the next generation? And what can the platform holders do to prove to us we need to upgrade? Simple answer, show us how the new console is better than the old ones.

What I want to see in the reveal video/event:

  • A silent person (got to be Shuhei) switching on his PS5 – How fast it loads up, what the boot up screen is like
  • They browse the new UI and launch a game, I suggest DiRT 5 – How quickly it loads up and then how fast races load up, maybe it resumes from the last session
  • Uses the new “Create” button to share a clip in a new way
  • Decides to use the controller’s microphone to speak over the clip, maybe to send a message to a friend
  • Show what kind of notifications you get
  • Zoom in onto the DualSense and demonstrate the haptic feedback from mud to tarmac etc.
  • Switch to another game, how seamless is it? And, can you switch back?
  • The other game should be a PS4 title to show off backwards compatibility
  • And any other key new features we need to know about

Ultimately the last step should be to compare to the same experience on the PS4, or to pepper this throughout the demo. Load times faster, sharing easier, controls better etc.

Then spend roughly 5-10 minutes per game demo. Old school with someone controlling the action, maybe giving some commentary.

That is what I want, do you agree? Have I missed anything? PS5 is likely due out in November this year and we can’t wait!