The Last of Us HBO TV Show Begins Filming, Will Last Almost 1 Year

Posted on Jul 3 2021 - 10:46pm by Ben Brown

Filming has started on the HBO’s eagerly anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us, starring Gabriel Luna (Tommy) – confirming the this on Instagram. He posted a photograph from the set alongside co-stars Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Nico Parker (Sarah), with them inside a car, hinting at the opening of the game.

Filming is proposed to last until July 2022! You can imagine the CG will likely need to be done on top of this, so who knows when we will actually see the series air. Likely mid 2023, let’s hope it is sooner!

Filming will be set in Calgary, Canada, Interesting as the game is set in Boston, Massachusetts. Again this can easily be fixed in post production and common in the film industry.

I wonder if it remains faithful to the game or would you prefer an original take?