The Stray Cat Without Fur is as Horrific as You Expect

Posted on Aug 6 2022 - 12:21am by Ben Brown

The internet is enamoured with this cat game, which makes us wonder why we haven’t had a cat game before this. Although the Stray cat doesn’t look like your cat it still is quite adorable, but what if the floof was no more?

Using special modding tools the internet has gone too far and have removed the layers of fur from the cat’s body. In total there are 8 layers of fur texture on the Stray cat and you can see it looks amazing.

But once it is removed, things go wrong…horribly, horribly wrong. The model is quite smooth meaning it contains quite a few polygons. Main characters in games are always the most detailed.

Notice how the claws are fully visible when the fur isn’t present, it saves the developers from having to animate them back into the paws

The tail is…upsetting. It is again very smooth and uniform with a lot of polygons. You can imagine that a lot of animations are linked to this part so it needs to be detailed.

But the face is something else. It is sphinx-esque. Extra details about the eyes is that the model of the eyeball contains two spheres. One is a glass like lens texture and behind it is the textured pupil. We know that the eyes are the window to the soul and the main character needs to connect to the human player.

You can see the volume of the face almost shrink once the fur has gone, a bit like when I trim my beard! Thanks to the PS5 we get to bathe in the glory of high resolution fur shaders. We are hearing rumblings that you may be able to mod the colour of the cat to match your own and modders are working on this for the PC version, but nothing as of yet for the console edition of the game.

Once it has been see, it can’t be unseen, so sorry for that. We hope you can still enjoy the game!