VRFC Review | The Not So Beautiful Game

Posted on Apr 27 2018 - 2:41pm by Gaf Hussain

When you think of VR you expect to see games that put you in a large world where you can almost reach out and touch the environment. Rarely has anyone thought it possible to kick a ball, especially when there is only tracking on your head and hands, but VRFC decided to take on the ambitious feat of figuring out a way to incorporate your feet!

So first of all, you use both Move controllers, however the game doesn’t let you know, I started off using a DualShock and thought the game was broken. A Google search later I returned with some Move controllers to discover that when you lift your arms the corresponding leg for that side also lifts up and this is how the game tackles the tracking. You will also be glad to know that you do not need to stand really far away either, however space is beneficial.

You are thrown into some basic training to begin with, which shows you how to move and kick the ball. Move your arms up and down and the player will run, tilt the controllers and you will go in that direction. If you want to take a shot at goal, simply hold the trigger and swing a controller. The left will kick with the left foot and vice-versa. You will be surprised how well the physics on the ball work, chips and curves are easily done, however it really relies heavily on the accuracy and your spatial awareness of where the feet are in conjunction with the ball.

The ball is a little larger than a real-life ball, and the pitch is much smaller. Liberties have been taken too with the lack of throw-ins and corner kicks to keep the pace of the game going. The environment is rendered well, but the players you eventually play against look like action figures.

For sports titles, gameplay is king, and sadly this is where VRFC falls apart. It is nearly impossible to play, especially in the online or AI modes. The AI plays perfectly and will intercept every pass, but you will rarely get a chance to move or touch the ball without someone taking it away from you. What makes the single player worse is a simple thing; everyone on the pitch is wearing mixed colours and you have to rely on what colour the overlaid graphics are to know if they are on your team or the other. This is such a bizarre choice, and something every football team knows is to have all players on the same team in the same kit. Thankfully this only happens in the freeplay mode.

Options for game modes are slim, there are some training modes, which are very hard, however can be completed in 10 minutes each.

There was probably a reason why the only football related title on PSVR is Headmaster, and currently it is still the best. The developers behind VRFC tried something very difficult, but sadly failed to make it fun, and instead aimed to simulate the sport of football and in turn made it unplayable. You can’t pick up and play it, so I would recommend you don’t pick it up at all.

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