Will Social Distancing Speed Up the Digital Only Future for Consoles?

Posted on Mar 21 2020 - 8:42pm by Gaf Hussain

Government forced shutdowns, curfews and all public places are in lock-down in Italy, Spain, France and the UK is soon to follow in those footsteps as well as many other heavily populated cities due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

All this isolation has got me wondering about the digital only future we have all been so reluctant to adopt. two of the biggest factors are usually price and the resale value. On top of this are the subset who like to own the physical copy due to collecting. Those on the opposite say the ease of getting a digital game far outweighs the cost and they can click a button and move from game to game instead of switching discs.

I fall somewhere in the middle, or should I say lean more towards the resale and lending a game side. With digital gaming, this is currently impossible on consoles. However, recently I am starting to see the positives of a digital copy, and I feel it is the perfect time for the console makers to grasp this captive audience.

The sales have already started, but I am talking about the next generation. Maybe now is the time to announce a disc-less next generation console. reduce the price of the RRP down to match the in store versions and offer a “buy-back” scheme. At the very least, offer this to the consumers now and they may see a turning tide.

Not only does this give developers a more substantial cut of the profits, but it would reduce the amount of plastic waste create from stamping out discs and cases, and ultimately the chance of getting an infection from getting a digital game rather than a used copy is zero percent.

I never thought i’d give up the disc, but even if I am waning, it may be a sign that others will also start feeling this way. It will be interesting to see how well digital sales look in the next month in comparison to physical copies.