Amazon Late PSVR Pre-Orders Getting Upgraded Before Early Pre-Orders

Posted on Oct 3 2016 - 4:08pm by Gaf Hussain

We all know about the high demand on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset, and I myself jumped on board as soon as I could get the pre-order in. Unfortunately I missed the first batch that Amazon posted when the announcement came, so as soon as the Amazon listing was updated with more stock I immediately placed my order on March 19th.

A month later I received an email saying that my order would miss the launch day, but as I had missed the first run of orders I accepted the fact that I would have to wait. Until I chatted to one of my friends. See image below:

As you can see, he ordered his almost 20 days later and yet he would receive his 4 days before me. What is even more strange is that I am a Prime member (after this order was made though) and we only live 15 miles apart! So I was annoyed to say the least. Why has Amazon done this?

I sent a nice email to Amazon Customer Services to help rectify the issue, and a few hours later I was bumped up to receive my headset on launch day!


They even offered me a £5 gift card when I pushed a little further, which will help in the long run.

Look forward to more PlayStation VR coverage on, and now on launch day!