Full E3 2014 Conference Schedule With Worldwide Times

Posted on Jun 7 2014 - 2:07pm by Shak

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014, the most important event in the gaming calendar is just days away now, so to make sure you don’t miss any of the big conferences, we’ve made a schedule up just for you. Bookmark this page so you can check in on it when you need to, and we’ve tried to give the most major time zones for each conference, and the scheduled duration of each event.

ConferenceConference Time (Pacific)EasternGMTUK (BST)Japan (JST)Duration
MicrosoftMonday, June 9, 9:30 AM12:30 PM4:30 PM5:30 PMJune 10, 1:30 AM1 hr 30 mins
EAMonday, June 9, 12 PM3 PM7 PM8 PMJune 10, 4 AM2 hrs
UbisoftMonday, June 9, 3 PM6 PM10 PM11 PMJune 10, 7 AM1 hr
SonyMonday, June 9, 6 PM9 PMJune 10, 1 AMJune 10, 2 AMJune 10, 10 AM2 hrs
NintendoTuesday, June 10, 9 AM12 PM4 PM5 PMJune 11, 1 AM1 hr 30 mins

Be aware that Sony’s conference is almost always late, and Nintendo’s conference is taking place on Tuesday where a date hasn’t been mentioned above, also I’ve added GMT so people can use that time to figure out their own if they live in different areas (add 2 hours for CET for example).

Where to Watch?

GameTrailers/Spike TV will be live streaming all the major conferences, but if you want a backup stream just in case, there are some available for the conferences. Here are some alternative links to the live streams:

  • Microsoft – Or watch on the Windows Phone App or your Xbox.
  • EA – Also on Twitch.
  • Ubisoft – Appear to be the only one’s who aren’t streaming on their own website.
  • Sony – And the direct Ustream link, also you can watch this on your PS4 if you are in the US, nothing has been announced for EU yet.
  • Nintendo – And most likely on their Youtube account too as this isn’t really a conference.

There will also be pre and post-show content on Twitch, GameTrailers, and Sony are doing their own content as well.