God of War Director Cory Barlog Wants to Remake Silent Hill

Posted on May 16 2020 - 8:36pm by Gaf Hussain

Last generation and part of this one, it was all about the HD remaster and fans jumped at the chance to play their favourite games in high definition. But there is a new king in town and the remaster is now what gamers are looking for.

Capcom deserve the credit for bringing these to the forefront with Resident Evil 2 and 3. The most recent remake to blow people away was of course Final Fantasy VII. It took some of the most basic visuals and revamp them to a level of detail that is beyond anything capable even in the CG cutscenes from the original.

Gaming website GameSpot sparked a conversation on Twitter when it posted about what remake would you want next?

Creative Director of God of War at SIE Santa Monica Studio Cory Barlog chimed in and made his feelings public, he’d love a Silent Hill remake and not only that, he wants to direct it!

Personally, i’d love a Metal Gear Solid remake with trophies, and it seems the public had an even split between Silent Hill, Xenogears and Metal Gear Solid (Sorry Twisted Metal!). What would you want?