Jack Tretton’s Career Advice ‘Make Your Mark Then Make Your Move’

Posted on Sep 29 2016 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain

Jack Tretton has been revealing all in a very candid interview with IGN, and has some gems of advice for those of us who want to advance our careers (everyone hopefully?!). Jack said that he was always told to ‘make your mark, then make your move’, meaning he didn’t like staying with one company for a significant period of time.

Jack started off working with Activision, got experience there and moved on to JVC where they developed the CD add-on for the Sega Genesis. From there he moved on to Sony ImageSoft and started working shortly after for Sony Computer Entertainment, a small division of Sony that was not respected back in the day. Jack says regarding his career:

Ironically I’ve never been motivated by money in this industry, it was always about experience and having fun.

Tretton admits that his intention was to stay with Sony for 3 years, but because there were so many exciting and unique moments whilst he was there, he ended up staying for 19 years!