Most Interesting & Realistic PlayStation 5 Concepts

Posted on Jan 16 2019 - 10:00am by Gaf Hussain

Rumours around the announcement of the PlayStation 5 are at fever pitch, with almost everyone convinced that we may see something this year. Sony drops out of E3 2019 adds a further hint that they may host an Apple style Keynote of their own to highlight their products.

But we can’t wait that long and scoured the internet for some of the best 3D renders to whet our appetites.

That shape on the top is to hold a removable portable console
Disc-less perhaps?
NFC too?
….and possibly my favourite

Undoubtedly it will be more powerful, but what will it look like? Sony may go towards a disc-less SKU but it’s unlikely that that will be there only option given the ultimate failure of the PSP Go.