Quiet aka Stefanie Joosten Rendered as Fragile aka Lea Seydoux in Death Stranding

Posted on Jun 9 2019 - 1:18am by Gaf Hussain

It was recently revealed that the original actress to play “Fragile” from the upcoming Death Stranding was actually Stefanie Joosten, also known as ‘Quiet’ from Metal Gear Solid V.

We have knocked up some quick rough renders of what this could have looked like. This assumes the hair style would have remained the same.

Profile comparison

The change isn’t that drastic in the profile shot, but both actresses have very different face shapes, with Joosten featuring a softer jawline.

Can’t decide which one I prefer now! This was a bad idea!

Both look like this would work well, it may be too late in the development cycle for Kojima to put in a Quiet ‘mask’ just like the Raiden one in MGS3, and the name is clearly belongs to Konami, but Stefanie isn’t trademarked!