Will PS5 be 5x More Powerful than XBOX One X Using AMD’s Radeon VII 7nm GPU?

Posted on Jan 15 2019 - 9:18am by Gaf Hussain

The current top end consoles both use AMD 16nm GPU’s and it wouldn’t be a great stretch to presume the next generation will be also on AMD hardware.

At CES 2019, AMD announced their latest Radeon VII series that boasts some impressive specs, and it got me thinking, will this be what the console manufacturers use in their next generation consoles?

The PS4 has 18 Compute Units

All of the above translates into a simpler Floating Operations (FLOPS) number of approximately 27,000 GigaFLOPS! To put this into perspective, the most powerful console on the market, the XBOX One X’s GPU churns out an impressive 6,000 GFLOPS and the top end cards currently are about 2.5x more than this.

At the time the PS4 released, the graphics cards on PC’s were substantially stronger but this came at a premium, so does that mean the same 7nm architecture could be used on a console but a stripped down version?

The biggest advantage is power consumption and therefore heat is reduced. Thankfully we all avoided the red rings of death this generation, so it could be an option.

Without taking the CPU and memory into account, could the next gen consoles be 4-5 times more powerful than the Xbox One X?