PS5 Concept Sketch Rendered, Will it Look Like This?

Posted on Jan 19 2020 - 9:58am by Gaf Hussain

The day for the PlayStation 5 gets closer and closer, and with each passing week we keep seeing supposed leaks of the upcoming design. This has inspired me to jump back into designing again.

It started off with the sketch on the top of the page below, and it wasn’t long until I came up with a design i thought was interesting.

Sketching is fun

I thought the “rocket ship” style idea had potential, so I did one more refinement to the design.

Not bad for a second attempt if i do say so myself!

It’s rough, but definitely has potential, and when it comes to design, these things are usually iterated upon about 20 times, or more in order to have the final product, so not bad after 2 attempts! I had to colour it in…

I kind of like this look

And then finally a clean render without the sketchy lines. Could be a real product.

If i had more time to work on this, I would definitely reduce the “step” and make it a bit thinner. The central section would be glossy and the screen would “disappear” into the background. Finally the buttons could be smaller.

The PS5 release announcement is imminent and we can’t wait to see what it ultimately will look like. Sony has the best designers in the world, so it will obviously look better than mine! But i’d be over the moon if it even remotely looks similar!