PS5 Roughly 3″ Taller Than PS4 Pro (Multi-Angle Comparisons)

Posted on Jun 14 2020 - 5:06pm by Gaf Hussain

Using the PS4 controller buttons as a reference point we have managed to scale the PS5 renders to show how the two consoles look in comparison to each other.

In the image above you can see how the PS5 towers over the PS4 Pro that is actually wider than it is tall. The angle and the side panels of the PS5 may also add to the illusion. From what I can gleam from when editing the images in Photoshop. The PS5 appears to be around 7-8cm (3″~) taller than the previous generation.

The PS4 Pro is 29.5cm tall if you do not account for the stand (but both images include a stand, so the comparison should still be valid), Add 7-8cm to this and the console measures a whopping 36.5cm/37.5cm (14.5″) tall.

It is however much narrower than the PS4 Pro, which is much more advantageous for me. I have a corner table that causes the corner of the console to peak over the edge of the top shelf it sits on.

What position will you keep this console? And will it fit in your entertainment unit?