Shu Yoshida: ‘Ken Kutaragi is a Liar’

Posted on Apr 27 2014 - 6:09pm by Shak


That’s right, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, called Ken Kutaragi a liar! However, this was only Shu’s initial impressions of the man, so if we look at his comment in context, it makes a lot more sense.

In conversation with Mark Cerny at the Computer History Museum, Shuhei Yoshida talked through the history of PlayStation and his work within the company. Shu worked for the corporate strategy group in Sony, and one day his boss said that if he was interested, he should meet Ken Kutaragi, because his former boss knew he was a gamer. So he met with Ken, and Ken said to him:

Shu you know that this silicon graphics workstation sold for $100,000. I am making a machine similar to that, and I want to sell it for $500.

Shu’s thoughts on hearing this were:

Wow. This person, Ken Kutaragi is a liar.

So that was his first impression when meeting Ken, and when he mentioned that he thought Ken was a liar to Teruhisa Tokunaga, who became president of Sony Computer Entertainment. Tokunaga said that he trusts what Ken is saying, which was enough for Shu to ask to be a part of the new project.