Sony DualSense Poll Shows What Features People Are Most Excited For

Posted on Apr 25 2020 - 7:38pm by Gaf Hussain

The results might surprise you, but Sony recently put four options on their website as a poll to see what their customers were the most excited about in the new DualSense controller.

Results are below:

Personally I agree with the adaptive triggers, but the biggest shock was that in second place the built-in microphone was what a fair amount of people were interested and Haptic feedback came in third!

Unsurprisingly the ‘Create’ button was in last place, but this is likely due to the fact we know very little about it. If it is the same as the ‘Share’, which is what I believe most people think it will be, then it is clear that Sony need to inform us otherwise.

We expect an announcement for the console in the coming week, but what are you most excited about?