How to Format (Delete or Wipe) USB Extended Storage on a PS5 Console

Posted on Apr 14 2021 - 1:12pm by Gaf Hussain

With the latest PS5 update, it allows you to transfer your PS4 and PS5 games to external storage, but how you format the USB sticks and delete all the data on them correctly?

You can format a drive when you no longer want to use it as a USB extended storage drive for your PS5 console. When you format the USB extended storage drive, all game data saved on the drive is erased.

  1. Go to Settings Storage USB Extended Storage.
  2. Select … (More) Format as exFAT.

Do not turn off the power or disconnect the USB drive while it’s being formatted. Doing this may cause data loss or corruption, or damage to your PS5 console or USB drive.