Could BioShock Vita Appear at E3 2014?

Posted on May 21 2014 - 4:42pm by Shak

When Ken Levine walked out on the Sony stage to announce that Irrational Games were looking to make a BioShock game for the PlayStation Vita, people were very excited that a major franchise would be gracing the Vita. However, when you consider the fact that this announcement was made at E3 2011 (doesn’t time fly!), and the fact that Irrational Games no longer exists, you’ve got to wonder, is this game ever going to happen?

Ken Levine, founder of Irrational Games, said early last year, that the game was not in development yet due to monetary issues, when the company was dissolved earlier this year, no update was given on the status of this game, which can be taken as a possible confirmation that the game did exist at some point. However, it looks like this game will never happen, especially in the form of a big BioShock game. Ken’s studio is quite small now, so they may be making a side-scrolling version of the game, but that’s complete conjecture.

Honestly, I think this game is completely dead.

Likelihood (of seeing it ever): 10%