E3 2014: Gravity Crash Ultra for PS Vita out in July

Posted on Jun 6 2014 - 5:08pm by Shak

Just Add Water (Developments) are proud to announce the definitive portable version of their 2009 PlayStation 3 retro-style gravity-shooter, Gravity Crash, will be out in July 2014. The PlayStation Vita digital-only game, titled Gravity Crash Ultra, has been reworked from the ground up to make the most of Sony’s handheld console.

The game features a much improved graphics engine, which allows the game to run at the VITA’s native resolution, at a steady 60 frames per second. New textures, lighting and particles bring retro-shooters into 2014, making them look better than ever. The GUI has been streamlined for the Vita’s portable touchscreen, with three new ship designs representing each of the difficulty levels, including a new anti-gravity ship for the ‘easy’ difficulty.

The producer of the original game’s music, industry veteran CoLDSToRAGE, has returned to give the original soundtrack a brand new remix. Many of the audio effects have been improved, with a new pick-up voice-over and more intense atmosphere.

Gravity Crash’s unique level editor returns, with a new touch-interface, yet again allowing players to share their creations with others. Along with the release of the game on Vita, there will be a small update to the original Gravity Crash on PS3, to make level sharing compatible across platforms.

  • A list of changes found in Gravity Crash Ultra:
  • 60 FPS, native resolution gameplay
  • New improved graphics renderer
  • Particles “turned up to 11”, meaning bigger guns, bigger explosions
  • Improved weapons VFX
  • Improved landscape and lighting effects
  • Better visual effects
  • Improved radar
  • New logo to reflect the new title
  • New GUI graphics
  • New “anti-grav” space ship
  • Three ships used to give difficulty levels
  • Mission notification system improved
  • Better audio throughout the game
  • Remixed soundtrack by CoLDSToRAGE
  • New pickup voice-over
  • Create & share levels with the PS3 version

“I’m very proud with what we’ve achieved in the last year.” CEO Stewart Gilray says. “After seeing what the PlayStation Vita can do with previous projects, it seems the obvious choice to bring JAW’s first ever PlayStation title bang up to date. Gravity Crash Ultra is exactly the type of game I love, and any fan of retro-shooters will do too.”

Gravity Crash Ultra will be available on the PlayStation Network Store for PS Vita in July 2014, and the original Gravity Crash is still available on the PlayStation 3 Store.