Sony Changes PS5 Release to “Late 2020” on Website

Posted on Sep 6 2020 - 10:19pm by Gaf Hussain

We have all been eagerly awaiting the release date and the price announcement for the PS5. Sony has been touting the phrase “Holiday 2020” for months, but it appears as though they have changed that now.

Take a quick peak at the following link to the PS5’s Homepage on the Sony website. In case they change it, here is a screengrab of what it currently states on the US version of the site:

The company seems to have adjusted its wording for the release date. it is hard to pin-point when this was made though.

Is it possible that this phrasing is just “different” and the console will still release in the November window? Or are all the rumours about production, issues, costs of components, different release dates for regions starting to come true?

We hope the console will still release roughly around late October or early November as these still would count as late 2020, or is it possible that the console will release in December?