Spider-Man Miles Morales (PS5) Review | New Console, New Bugs

Posted on Dec 14 2020 - 8:21pm by Gaf Hussain

The Spider-Man game for the PS4 was the best Spider-Man game and up there to be contested as the best superhero game, coming very close to the Batman Arkham games. Miles Morales with his bio-electric powers was introduced for the first time to those who aren’t au fait with the comics and now he is leading the charge in this spin-off sequel. Did insomniac’s lightning in a bottle strike twice?

Set in the same New York City as the previous title, you take control of Miles Morales, a new Spider-Man who is left in charge to look after NYC as Peter Parker takes some well needed R&R. Although it effectively controls and plays the same, there are a few twists that add new layers to the entire adventure.

Miles’ bio electric ‘Venom’ powers are an incredible addition that make you feel powerful even though you are a newbie in the Spider-Man game. Not only are your attacks stronger when you fight, but you can even turn invisible to tackle most situations in a non-combat way.

The next generation also adds a few bonuses, namely ray tracing. Ray tracing adds live reflections of characters and vehicles in mirrored objects in the environment. On the original release of the title you had to sacrifice the fidelity for frame rate, locking you at 30 frames per second. A performance mode increases the frame rate to a buttery smooth 60 fps. It feels almost unnaturally smooth. A recent patch to the game finally unlocks both options to attain a scaled down ray tracing mode but locked at 60 fps. The lighting in the game looks stunning and so do all of the characters.

All these effects appear to come at an additional cost. Spider-Man Miles Morales is the only PS5 game for that crashed my PS5 twice which locked all controls and required a soft reset, not only this a few odd glitches too. This is something you never see from insomniac games, so it was really disappointing and I have to admit I felt very let down by the developer. I have loved pretty much every game they’ve ever made, this was a stain on an otherwise clean sheet.

Miles Morales takes the Spider-Man formula and ups it in every way. it includes all the things you loved like the traversal, the combat, the collectables and adds a few more. It then takes the bad things like the long fast travel times and pretty much eliminates them completely.

The story is what is probably the best thing about the game. It even made me emotional at the end. All characters and events carry a lot of weight and even the dynamic of Miles feels distinctively different to Peter. Miles is more of a ‘team’ hero. He has Ganke that helps him along the way as well as a few other characters. Whereas Peter is more of a lone Wolf or should that be Spider?

Side missions are also quite fun, and some feel very in depth. Combat training takes what could be a boring tutorial and makes it into more of a game. Using all the new aspects of Miles abilities and creating VR training for them. It helps lengthen the fairly short campaign. You could main line this game in around 6 hours, but the side quests and the sheer fun nature of the game will make you want to stay in the world for as long as possible. I platinumed the last game, and I likely will with this one, the New Game+ trophy as well as the additional powers that unlock are very tempting to try it again.

Short but sweet, and sadly plagued with bugs that as of the most recent patch are still not fixed. You should still play this game as it really highlights next generation gaming with it’s visuals and super fast load times.

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