What a Metal Gear Solid Fan Wants from a Remake

Posted on Dec 9 2020 - 12:47pm by Gaf Hussain

When I say I am a fan of the first Metal Gear Solid game, it isn’t an exaggeration. Not only have I have completed this game over 30 times, played it on all difficulties including European Extreme, I can pretty much recall every area in the game from memory. So why do I want a remake? And what would I want in that remake?


Let’s get the obvious out of the way, so i will keep it short. 4K and 60fps as well as having incredible graphics overall.

Faithful Remake or Not?

Can I have both? A remake that everything including the camera angles is identical with the up-rezzed art. But, as a fan, I’d love to be ‘lost’ in this game. I want things to be moved from their usual locations. Imagine the mine location changing.

How did you know where the mines were?!

More changes, maybe the entire layout of Shadow Moses and the base to be completely different. Item locations to change, from the sniper rifle to even the medicine when you get a cold. New locations for the C4 explode-able walls and more.

An over the shoulder camera angle, or a free camera like in MGS4 and 5. This also allows for more accurate gun fights.

Zero Kills

After Metal Gear Solid 1, Kojima began to change his views on killing in games and wanted to give the player the option. So tranquiliser darts became a main-stay in the series. It would be great to have these return.

Dog Tags & Collectables

Again, another simple feature for the collectors, but I loved these in the following games. The kerotan frogs were a neat addition too, so hidden things in the game would be great.

New Hidden Rooms/Locations

Not only new rooms, but new weapons, items or modifiers that change the gameplay. perhaps unlocking after the first playthrough. We don’t really need the tuxedo to make a return, but it’d a nice addition with some James Bond-esque gadgets.

New Game+

Add some crazy bizarre weapons, outfits and items. Again, make sure these add an element to the gameplay.

VR Missions

Please include not only the normal missions in MGS1, but the ‘Integral Missions’ from the stand alone game. Also, how about sopme unique new ones? Imagine these to work just like the speed runs in Astro’s Playroom!

In addition to this, what about a VR mission creator?

Emergent Gameplay

If you’ve played MGS1 on different difficulties and multiple times, then you will know that the rats do something at a certain point of the game that doesn’t always happen in other modes. I want more weird things like that.

The Digital Camera Spirits

If you collect this item during a playthrough you can use it to take pictures of the environment. In certain spots the developers hid their own images that would appear as spirits or ghosts. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a photo mode where by you have to catch a certain moment or item on film? For example a trophy or a goal to take a picture of a PS1 console, the list could go on.

Boss Battle Mode

The option to jump into boss battles would be great, this was added in MGS2 Subsistence, so it could easily work here.

Don’t Change

  • The humour, add more
  • The Controls too much, and keep the reload trick with the unequip option
  • The music, yes there was a legal dispute with the them tune, but it HAS to be there, including the boops on the Konami logo, you know the ones
  • The radio frequencies, they are nostalgic
  • The ALERT sound, it’s iconic
  • Same with the CODEC call sound
  • The vision cone of enemies, or add a mode where they have improved vision and hearing


  • Circle button to accept, might as well change this one!
  • Speed skip the radio calls if you want to
  • Add the different language options, so we can play as Japanese Snake
  • Make the briefings mandatory, or incorporate these into a new cutscene

Add New Playable Scenes

Wouldn’t you love to play the historical scenes like the flashbacks of Gray Fox in Zanzibar? Or Even the segments at HQ that involve the discovery of Miller’s body or how Naomi does her sneaky business?

Did I miss anything? Any other things you’d like to see, disagree with any of my suggestions?