Andrew House: We ‘Underestimated the Potential’ of PS4 Camera

Posted on May 7 2014 - 6:02pm by Shak


It seems that the demand for the PlayStation 4 camera is surprisingly high, especially when you consider one of the main reasons people didn’t want to buy an Xbox One was because Kinect was forcibly bundled in. Last we heard, the camera had sold 900,000 worldwide, which means the attach rate of the peripheral was around 1 in 7, and it’s likely that this number has now passed 1 million. Asked whether he would do things differently in hindsight to the PS4 launch, Andrew House had the following to say in a Game Informer interview:

It’s not a major one, but I was a big advocate for the PlayStation camera and that it was going to be a bigger part of the landscape than we were anticipating.

He also suggested that bundling the camera was an unpopular opinion:

Not to be critical of some folks in our organization, but I think there was a bit of conventional wisdom that said, “If you look at most console launches and look at the adoption rates of a core peripheral, they tend to be very low.” I think we did sort of subscribe to that a little bit. As a result, we underestimated the potential in that area.

So with the relatively high adoption of the camera, there’s a high likelihood that we’ll see some sort of camera-based game for the PlayStation 4 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014. Hopefully, whatever it is, it is a little more fully featured than the games we saw on PS3.