Crytek Focusing on Homefront IP’s ‘Potential’

Posted on Jun 23 2014 - 12:00pm by Gaf Hussain

Homefront, which was originally a THQ IP, was bought by Crytek when the publisher went under in late 2012. Crytek UK had already been commissioned to create Homefront 2 for THQ, but they managed to nab the intellectual property for just $544,218 when the inevitable happened. However, because Homefront didn’t sell too well originally, that wasn’t necessarily a great deal, because the game requires a lot of marketing to make up for the bad taste it may have left in gamers’ mouths.

Crytek seem to have acknowledged that fact, and said in OPM that they were focusing on the potential of the IP. Producer David Stenton recognises that people didn’t completely hate the first game, and reiterated that they are focusing on the potential of the game, and re-envisioning it to be more like a Crytek game. We’ve already seen how different the game looks at E3, with it’s focus on guerilla warfare, and it looks pretty damn good.

Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015, no exact release date has yet been announced.