E3 2017 Worldwide Conference Times and Schedule

Posted on May 25 2017 - 7:57pm by Shak

The Electronics Entertainment Expo is a worldwide event, and millions of gamers will tune in, as they do every year, to watch their favourite publisher set out the future of their company. As such the timings for the conferences tend to cause issues for gamers abroad. The conferences are spread over 5 days this year all around the world, and Microsoft’s time is the biggest change, taking place at 2PM rather than 9AM PDT. Here are the main timings for E3 2017 for your time zone so you can tune in without missing anything:

TimezoneCityEAMicrosoftBethesdaPC GamingUbisoftSonyNintendo Treehouse
PDTLos Angeles12:0014:0019:0010:0013:0018:0009:00
EDTNew York15:0017:0022:0013:0016:0021:0012:00

Key for the table above:

Saturday June 10Sunday June 11Monday June 12Tuesday June 13Wednesday June 14

Keep this page bookmarked and refer back to it when you need to know a time for a conference. Hopefully we’ve covered the major time-zones. GMT is BST-1, so just take off 1 hour from the London time.