Full Sony PlayStation GamesCom 2014 Press Conference Summary

Posted on Aug 12 2014 - 8:34pm by Gaf Hussain

Here’s the full summary of what was shown or announced at Sony’s GamesCom conference this year. A load of new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita games were announced, including new IPs big and small. I’ll try and do it in chronological order so you can find the bit you want to watch when the conference is available to view online in its entirety.

  • New LittleBigPlanet 3 trailer showcased.
  • Bloodborne gameplay trailer shown, first time ever. Announced to be coming within the next 6 months.
  • 10 million PS4 consoles have been sold to customers (as opposed to sold to retailers, that number will be a lot more).
  • Q-Games of PixelJunk fame announced a 3D game called The Tomorrow Children, which is a quirky tower defense/Minecraft-esque title. Exclusive to PS4.
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter game announced for PS4, developed by The Astronauts.
  • Thomas Was Alone developer announced new game title Volume, stealth game featuring Robin Hood. Timed exclusive for PS4/Vita. Similar to MGS VR Missions.
  • Paradox Interactive announced Hollowpoint for PS4 coming 2015, and also mentioned title of next game; Runemaster. Timed exclusive.
  • Day-Z announced for PS4.
  • Ninja Theory announced Hellblade, platforms unknown, most likely PS4 exclusive.
  • New trailer show for Rime, still looks awesome.
  • Indie sizzle reel, too much games to mention.
  • Destiny, new multiplayer trailer showcased. Most pre-ordered new IP ever, highest sales on PS4. Timed exclusive DLC; Exodus Blue. The Dark Below expansion announced to be coming in December.
  • Far Cry 4 comes with 10 keys, each key allows you to play 2 hours of co-op with a friend who doesn’t own the game.
  • Shadow of Mordor will have exclusive content on PlayStation platforms, coming October 3rd, 2014.
  • MGSV. Hideo Kojima came on to stage to showcase one of the most stupid demos for The Phantom Pain I have ever seen, and announced nothing new.
  • P.T. – Interactive horror trailer available on PlayStation Store for this game, not many details known (finish demo to find out).
  • Firmware 2.0 coming soon, friend finder, YouTube uploading, and Share Play. This allows you to invite people to play your game, or invite PS+ members to play with you, and they don’t have to own the game. Similar to MS’ initial Xbox ideas.
  • PlayStation Now coming to Europe in 2015, launching first in UK.
  • PlayStation TV launching in PAL territories in November, €99.
  • Until Dawn re-announced for PS4, looks a LOT better. PS4-exclusive.
  • Driveclub dynamic weather demo showcased, looks amazing. PS4-exclusive.
  • Media Molecule announced Tearaway Unfolded for PS4, part port with new controls. PS4-exclusive.
  • Housemarque announced Alienation, looks like Dead Nation, with Aliens… PS4-exclusive.
  • Wild Sheep Studios announced Wild. A game that allows you to play as any animal, don’t understand what the actual point of the game is though.

Phew. I’ve got to admit, there were a hell of a lot of announcements at this conference, probably more than at E3, but I still feel like there was no real heavy-hitter. Although knowing that Bloodborne is a maximum of 6 months away from release is definitely a great announcement.