Gravity Rush 2 Review | Messy, but fun

Posted on Jan 30 2017 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain
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The original Gravity Rush became a cult classic, and its rabid Vita fan base has been begging for a sequel for years. It finally happened, albeit on a home console this time. So will Kat’s latest adventure set you soaring in to space, or crash you back down to Earth?

(Note: reviewer never played the original or remake)

What immediately comes across to you with Gravity Rush 2 is its strong manga / anime influences. The cel shaded art style removes any appearance of polygons, and an almost hand drawn comic book is presented, this pairs nicely with the comic panel cutscenes that fill in the majority of the narrative.

The game starts off almost instantly after the end of the previous game, Kat and Syd have been pulled into a gravity void and are transported into a new location whereby they survive on a mining ship and are put to work. They have been away from their hometown for several years and continue their new lives in a village called Banga village. Her powers seemingly no longer work and she is treated like everyone else. Some people call her a liar who tells tall tales about her gravity shifting powers. She soon comes across a gravity void which returns her powers to her, and the journey begins.

Gameplay is very unique and the traversal is unlike anything else, I can imagine I will want it in every game. Simply hit R1 to float and then point the camera in a direction and press R1 once again to zoom towards that direction. The gravity is limited to a meter; however it fills up in two seconds, so it seems pointless. You may find yourself soaring, and then the meter runs out, but you will fall for a few seconds only to reactivate the float mechanic and then continue on your way. It’s more of an annoyance than anything else. Having the ability to float and effectively fly around is an “overpowered” ability, so getting around the environment is very easy. So much so, that the gems scattered around the cities are very easy to collect, and lack any sort of challenge apart from the slight gravity meter timer. Upgrades are completed by collecting gems, but collecting them is very arbitrary and is simply a chore especially when you need thousands in order to upgrade 6 of your attributes. I would’ve preferred something similar to the InFamous series, these made each collectable a small puzzle in and of themselves.

The game also introduces 2 variations of this gravity power; Lunar and Jupiter one making you lighter and more agile, and the other heavier, slower but stronger. These have their uses in certain portions of the game, and in many situations you are forced to use them in order to progress. To switch between these powers you will have to swipe up or down on the touch pad, but this didn’t work all of the time for, and became quite frustrating.

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