Higher Failure Rate on Uncharted 4 Limited Edition PS4 Console?

Posted on Jun 29 2016 - 11:33am by Shak

There’s a good chance that the Uncharted 4 Limited Edition Console bundle has a higher failure rate than the standard PS4 console if anecdotal evidence is to be believed. It seems that the console will, after a short while, shut itself off and refuse to turn back on. When users have returned the item for a replacement, some, but not all, seem to be finding that they have the exact same problem again.

Some users have successfully managed to boot into safe mode, but then can never leave safe mode, suggesting a possible hard drive issue. One user’s (Michael Kellam) review on Amazon.com states:

This console looks and performs amazingly, but I’m now on my 4th one and the same problem has happened on all 4 of them, THE THING RANDOMLY TURNS OFF FOR NO REASON. First time is whatever, 2nd time is a coincidence, 3rd time is unacceptable, I should’ve asked for my money back but exchanged it again, to get a 4TH DEFECTIVE ONE IN A ROW. Sony, fix this problem. I’m not sure what is different about the uncharted version compared to just the black one, but the black one I traded in for this one worked flawlessly.

And it’s not just Amazon.com, customers in the UK are also experiencing this problem. A certain failure rate is acceptable to most hardware providers, but this console appears to be failing more than usual, especially if people are getting dead on arrival consoles on their fourth return! Sony may have to take a look into this eventually.

Update: There may be a possible fix for some people here.

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  1. gio1764 July 5, 2016 at 4:21 am -

    im having the same issue, i bought mines on may 10th and now all of a sudden it just started freezing up on me, turn it off and says “cannot access storege, keep trouble shooting and says “cannot start ps4”, tried at least 20 times, since 2 days ago and it will work for a bit then freeze up again and do the same **bleep** all over again. wow man thank you for posting this cause i now see on amazon its a rampant issue,very reminiscent of the XBOX 360 Red ring days of 2005/2006 era.