How to Replace the DualShock 4 (DS4) Battery

Posted on Jun 28 2020 - 6:26pm by Shak

It’s probably getting to the point now where those with launch PS4s are struggling to keep their DualShock 4 controllers charged because they are discharging a lot quicker than they used to. One of the downsides of the internal battery is that it’s not as simple as swapping it out as an external battery pack like you see on the Xbox controller. However, is that actually true? We’ve recently replaced the battery on our own controller and documented it to show you how easy it actually is!

What you’ll need:

  • Phillips J00 or J0 Screwdriver
  • Replacement DualShock 4 battery
  • Spudger or plastic tool to pry open case
  • Clean working area

Here’s how to swap out your battery.

1. Remove the screws

So old we’ve worn the sticker out!
A J00 or J0 bit will work

Remove the 4 screws from the back of the controller, if they start to strip, try a flathead screwdriver. If the whole head becomes too badly damaged, the only way to remove it will be to drill the screw head off. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as long as you go slow with the drill and use the correct size drill bit.

2. Pry open the case

You will have to be careful in this step. The case comes apart just above the grey handholds, so a plastic tool to pry it open is best to avoid damaging it. Once you get it into an opening, slide it around until the rest of it is loose. Do not remove the cover completely

No need to separate the halves

From the top of the controller, pry open the case from just behind the Options and Share buttons. Be careful not to lose anything as the 2 springs used for the triggers and an extension to the reset button are likely to fall out.

3. Unplugging cables

Once the controller is open, you can now remove the battery cable by unplugging it very carefully. I suggest you use a plastic tool again to slowly pull it out.

The black wire is closest to the bottom of the controller

4. Replace battery and re-assemble

Purchased on eBay / online

Once you’ve removed the battery, you can replace it and re-assemble in reverse order. You just need to be very careful with the springs for the trigger buttons so that they work well when reassembled.

Charge the controller and enjoy longer lasting gaming sessions!