How To Transfer Data from PS4 to PS4 Pro or New PS4

Posted on Apr 10 2017 - 12:00pm by Shak

A lot of PS4 owners are probably looking into or already have purchased a PS4 Pro to upgrade their gaming set up. The biggest issue with this move is having to re-download all your games and save data. However, since Sony released the PS4 Pro, they have introduced a better way to transfer your data between PS4 consoles without overloading their network as well as your own!

What You’ll Need

  • Ethernet Cable
  • 2 PS4 consoles or any variety

This process will not transfer any unsynchronised trophy data, password information and any accounts that have never signed into PSN. So make sure to take that into account before getting rid of your old PS4.

Here’s how to transfer the rest of your data:

  1. Check the firmware version of both consoles. This feature was introduced in firmware 4.0 so long as both console are on this or higher, you should be good to go.
  2. Connect both consoles to the internet and login to the PlayStation Network.

  1. Your new PS4 should recognise that you already have a PS4 and ask if you want to transfer data from another PS4. Follow the prompts and it should eventually ask you to press and hold the power button the old PS4 to prepare to transfer the data.
  2. You can now connect the consoles directly to each other with an Ethernet cable (quickest) or with both of them having separate cables going into a router (which may be easier but a little slower).

  1. You can now choose what you want to transfer, and available space on the system.
  2. You will then be asked to activate the new PS4 as the primary console.

A couple of things you should be aware of is that the power button will be disabled during the process to prevent corruption, and also that the old console will retain all it’s data. Nothing will be deleted, so if you are wanting to sell the old PS4 or pass it on to someone else, be sure to wipe it first!